The Troy Report

Question: Who the heck is Troy?

Answer: Nobody cares! (mostly kidding)

But here is the shit he (everybody?) should be reading….

Check it out:

1) You never have time, only intentions. Ever heard yourself saying “I’d love to, but I really don’t have time?” It’s bullshit! If I believe that I have a 4 hour block of time next Friday that I have all to myself, that may or may not actually happen (as we all know!). This article has the solution for this problem–the problem that you don’t really own your time.

2) If life is a game, then these are the cheat codes. Life is a game that is designed to constantly throw new problems at you, some of which are new to you. How you respond to unexpected problems determines your success+happiness in life. The 2 choices for this? Solutions vs distractions.

3) The best newsletter online, period. Scroll down and read the articles that apply to your situation. It is organized just like the list you are reading here now. Subscribe to it or check it once a month for killer info.

4) Personal development backed by real research. This guy backs everything that he writes up with actual data and studies. Subscribe to get his new articles, or dig through his archives and find the stuff that pertains to you. He also just published his book.

5) Navy Seal advice: “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Just thought you should know.

6) Warren Buffet said something like: “Think about investments like this. You have a punch card for your life, and you only get to make 20 investments. You can buy only 20 companies for your entire investing career. So you have to think long and hard before you commit to a purchase.”

You need to do this with your life, with your time, with your job, career, relationships, everything. Certainly your immediate family take up punches on your punch card. But you only get 20 punches. So what is next? What do you want to go “all in” on next in your life? You only get a few punches, a few deep dives. Choose carefully. But, choose something. Even if you choose wrong, you learn more by the failed attempt than you do from analysis paralysis.

7) Stephen Hawking (smartest dude on the planet) said “When you complain, no one wants to help you.” People doing the “no complaining for 30 days experiment” have noted that, when you remove the ability to complain, it forces you to focus on finding solutions (or at least proposing solutions).

In other words, complaining to friends or family is a coping mechanism, it just isn’t a very good one. You bitch and moan and then nothing changes. Remove your ability to complain, and it forces you to frame problems in your life in terms of potential solutions.


That should be enough to get you started, no? Dig into some of those links, they have great ideas……