Retirement Now or Later?

It’s been done before–an individual takes their life savings and they bet it all on red. Or they put it all on black. It’s been done.

And several people have done it because they felt a bit stuck–they couldn’t quite pull of an early retirement when they wanted it, so they figured they were going to have to keep working for a while anyway.

So what if you could take a chance now, when you were, say 45 years old, and bet it all, and if you got lucky, BAM! You’re retired.

And if not, then you gotta keep working anyway. Just like you would have.

Worth it?

My idea would not be to bet my life savings in a casino.

Rather, I would be looking at the idea of taking roughly $30,000 – $40,000 or so at age 45 and attempting to 10X the money. Maybe something e ven a little safer and only try to 5X it.

Because honestly, if I could 5X that kind of money at age 45, then retiring by 50 should be within reach.

And if I 10X the money then it is a slam dunk, I could pull the trigger closer to 46 or 47.

It’s a thought. Just a thought for now. And I wouldn’t be doing roulette. Something like angel investing, day trading, real estate, something. Not sure.