I’m a Rebel Just for Kicks

“I’m a Rebel Just for Kicks”

A drug addict or an alcoholic is essentially a rebel just for kicks. They are a rebel without a cause. They do what they do just for kicks. They are pleasure seeking.

Now in sobriety we can still be on this mission for pleasure, for excitement, for adventure.

I can say “I’m a rebel just for kicks.” My wife and I both have a good car, yet I splurged on this little red sports car. Just for the fucking hell of it! Just for kicks. I am a rebel without a cause. Look at me, I’m so cool!

We can learn how to paramotor and then buy a paramotor and put it in a truck and go to the Grand Canyon and fly over the Grand Canyon and say “what a view! This is like being high without the drugs! Amazing!”

Is that really so different than chasing the next hit of crack? I mean, I get that crack is definitely unhealthy. But aren’t we still chasing after something? Aren’t we still just pleasure seeking?

Does the “paramotor over the Grand Canyon experience” involve any sort of purpose? Or is it still being a rebel just for kicks?

Being a rebel just for kicks, even in sobriety, doesn’t really serve much purpose. And without any kind of defining purpose in life, the excitement that you get from each sugar-driven “high,” from each new experience, is going to be fleeting. A hollow victory. No real purpose, just more fun, followed by the lust for yet more (and slightly different) fun.

The solution to this problem is…….purpose.

What is your life purpose? Does it make you cry when you think about it? I know, that sounds lame, right? But seriously, if you say that you want to save the whales, and you stop and think about a beached whale that is laying there dying…..if that doesn’t bring you to tears, then that isn’t your fucking purpose man. Sorry, nice try.

But if you are thinking about a kid who is struggling with life, who gets beat up at school, who is seriously on the brink of suicide over it…..and that brings you to tears, and you relate to it deeply, and you would do anything to save that kid…..in some ways you ARE that kid…..then you have found your purpose.

You could inherit ten million dollars and fly all over the world trying to have the maximum amount of fun, but you will not be deeply satisfied until you figure out what your real purpose is, what truly moves you, and start working towards solving those problems in the world.

You need to become the rebel WITH a cause. The rebel who is fighting like mad to save the bullied kid, to save the whales, to save whatever version of yourself–or whatever version of your past–that brings you to tears.