This site is all about creating freedom in your life. Freedom and happiness to be exact.

At different points in my life, the idea of “happiness” and “freedom” have meant different things to me.

I probably think about it all a bit too much…..Maybe we all do? Purpose, happiness, freedom, and how it all ties together. Am I happy enough? Do I have enough purpose in my life? Do I lack personal freedom lately? And so on.

Why can’t I just live my life and be happy, right? Find that inner happiness that everyone is always talking about?

I am working towards it, a tiny bit more each day. Here is my current process and what I am all about here on the Freedom Blogger:

1) I work a day job that has quite a bit of purpose for me. Essentially I run a halfway house. Over a decade ago I got sober there myself. This is most definitely a full time job. Maybe too full. More on that later.

2) I once built a successful business and did fairly decent with it. Not stinking filthy rich, but definitely helpful. I am certainly comfortable today.

3) I have abundance in several different areas of my life: I jog, lift weights, cook healthy meals with my wife. I have a full time job with real purpose. I have lots of people in my life that care about me, including both friends, family, and coworkers. I have a full life. I take vacations every year.

4) Because I work a day job running a halfway house, I am working hard on being more assertive.

Now look at those 4 things, and realize that the most freedom and the biggest leap forward in my personal growth, by far, comes from #4. Learning to be more assertive is HUGE for me. All the rest is, quite frankly, easy stuff. Number 4 is tough for me, so that is where the growth is.

And maybe that is what the real lesson is, what real freedom is all about: Confront your fears head on. I have done so very reluctantly, kicking and screaming the whole time, but for the most part I eventually DID confront most of my fears. And that is where the biggest gains have been for me.

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